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Hello World,

I am Immanuel Capistrano

I enjoy creating innovative products & systems using CAD, 3D printing and programming

I graduated at 2019 in Middlesex University, London with First Class Honours in BEng Robotics. Throughout my university studies and extra-curricular activities, I have gained an extensive knowledge in Python programming and its uses in robotics such as in ROS, industrial manipulators and mobile robotics, and Solidworks for 3D modelling from 2D drawings, simulation and optimising design for 3D printing.

Although, I have a background in Robotics, I have truly enjoyed programming and I am now aspiring as a software developer. I am currently learning Front-end technologies: HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Air-hockey System

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Final Year Project (2019)

Programmed an industrial manipulator (ABB IRB 120) to play air-hockey against a human player in Python and using ROS (Robot Operating System) and computer vision.

I used ROS for the ROS-Industrial package where I could program the robot in Python and use the OpenCV library. Using Python, I was able to use a USB camera to provide vision to the system, instead of an expensive camera that is only compatible with Rapid code (the native language of the robot).
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ABB Drawing

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ABB Drawing with Rapid (2019)

Programmed an ABB IRB 120 to write my initials using manual jogging, draw the ABB logo with offline programming in Robot Studio and draw varying flower patterns depending on user inputs.
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ABB Welding

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ABB Welding with Rapid and WAAM (2019)

I worked on an R&D project at Steelo, London as a robotics intern. The project involved learning WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacture) for 3D printing steel using a weld torch and programming robot paths with an industrial manipulator (ABB IRB 1400).
My most sucess was 3D printing basic geometric shapes such as squares and cirle with a total height of 5cm and 2mm layers.
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Labview Manipulator

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Labview Manipulator (2019)

Programmed a robotic manipulator in Labview to emulate a manipulator for picking and placing objects at varying heights using the robotics module. I chose the design of the robot (e.g length of each links and number of joints) to fit the specification.
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Turtlebot OpenCV

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Turtlebot with ROS and OpenCV (2018)

Programmed a Turtlebot in Python to move at various directions depending on a colour seen from a camera laptop using colour detection with OpenCV and ROS for sending ROS messages.
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